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We are convinced of the quality of collotype products and believe in the cultural and economic potential of collotype.
The „Queen of Reproduction Technology“, as collotype is also titled, is considered as the first choice for the permanent reproduction and archiving of cultural treasures (facsimile) with this highest reproduction quality and durability.
Collotype is a direct printing process based on the use of photosensitive gelatin. Using an original negative or repro, the gelatin, which is on a glass plate, is exposed to UV light. As a result, a swelling relief and the wrinkled grain (Runzelkorn) is produced as a print-giving agent. Brightness differences can be reproduced without technical grid on a variety of materials. The glass plate can be used by hand press or in special machines as a print template.
After the heyday of 1900, when there were hundreds of workshops worldwide, collotype printing has almost been forgotten. In addition to active workshops in Kyoto, Beijing, Leipzig and Darmstadt, there are still a few enthusiasts who work with collotype.
We therefore want to register collotype as an intangible cultural heritage in URGENT need of preservation, at UNESCO. With appropriate international support and public relations, people should be inspired to learn the technology again, artists should be convinced again to work more with collotype and investors must be found to maintain existing workshops and build new workshops.
In the sense of the thought, that tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire: we hope for your interest and therefore ask for your support.
– Whether financial help with our crowdfunding campaigns,
– whether support in the creation of an international network of interested parties and donors,
– whether with the support of ideas for achieving our goals,
– whether in spreading our ideas and projects in your networks, 
any help is welcome, every kind of support takes us a step ahead.
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We have nice thank-you gifts. From Buttons, collotype printed Certificates, a Motto-Poster, Printing-Dates in Leipzig and Darmstadt to your own collotype edition. If you need any extra english translation or if you have any questions, please let us know.
Thank you for your support. 
Our best 
Nicole & Ralph